​How Do I Place An Order?


We sell only to contractors, builders, designers and other wholesale customers. If you qualify, please contact us via the Contact page, and briefly describe your business in the Message box. 


Payment and Shipping


We offer free shipping for our members within the 48 states. We accept payment online, in person, and by check, although shipment will not be released until the check has been received and cleared the bank (usually takes 2-3 business days).

Returns & Refunds

We do not accept refunds or returns. Please make sure layout is correct, and always double check your order. We offer free 2020 layout and 3D rendering services, please utilize them and let us help you make sure your layout is reasonable and functional.


Free Services

We are your #1 assistant. We can help you design the cabinetry based on the dimensions you provide, and give you recommendations on how to lay out the cabinetry in a manner that would be the most functional, affordable, and/or whatever matters to your client the most.

Do You Have Other Cabinet Styles/Colors?

Yes! You can see the other cabinets available by visiting our retail website:

You can also see the many other products that we supply from sinks to flooring.